Why should I use a rain barrel?

Well there are many answers to this question.  Some depend on where you live.


If you live in rural America you are probably on a well.  And if you are not fortunate enough to have a good deep high quality water source then chances are you have run out of water once or twice.  The problem of ground water shortage will be more and more severe in the future as large aquifers have the potential to dry up, lose quality, or shift over time.  Anything we can do to reduce pressure on our precious water sources helps to protect our use of them in the future.


If you live in urban America then you are most likely on city water.  And while your quantity usually is as vast as the bill you are willing to pay, the chlorine present in city water will stress plants, just like excess watering will eventually stress your billfold. 


In either case, to make use of the rain that falls freely from above just makes sense/cents.  Of course it will not rain purely because your plants are thirsty, ask any farmer during a drought.  So to capture and store water for when you need it most makes perfect cents/sense. 


The SWCD is offering rain barrels to you at your convenience.  You can store water that will be there when you need it most.  There are several ways to plumb the barrel into your existing guttering.  If overflow water is not a problem you can simply cut off the downspout at the proper height and slip the barrel in.  If keeping excess water from the foundation is necessary the divert-er offered as an accessory will allow your downspout to fill the rain barrel to capacity then run the rest of the rain event through the normal channel.  If you need more than 60 gallons of storage you can hook several barrels together to increase your holding capacity. 


Simply fill out the order form below and send it to the SWCD with payment, and the rain barrel will be shipped directly to you! These usually will be at your house with-in the week of ordering.

Call Karla or Josh at 309-671-7040 Ext. 3 if you have any questions!