Each spring and fall the Peoria County Soil and Water Conservation District holds a fish sale for pond stocking.  We generally offer  hybrid sunfish, bluegill, redear, channel catfish, albino catfish,  large-mouth bass, crappie, and grass carp, also, when available, walleye.  We will take orders over the phone, but payment is now due when the order is made.  So phone orders should be followed with the mailing of a check.  We get our stock from Logan Hollow Fish Farm.  They will bring a truck based on the number of fish that are ordered.   MOST FISH WILL BE BAGGED!!! The only fish you will need water for is the largest of the catfish.  For everything else simply bring a container large enough to hold your bags.  Bags should not be stacked on one another as that will squeeze the oxygen out of the bottom bag.  See below for order form and other details.  See the order form(s) below for sale specific details.



The Fisheries Biologist with the IL Dept of Natural Resources recommends the stocking rates for ponds with no fish are:


750 bluegill, 250 redear, 100 channel catfish, and 100 bass. 


All rates are per acre of water surface and are fingerling fish (1-3”).  By initially stocking the correct numbers of fingerlings, a lake will produce sport fishing in less time and without stunting, than by releasing smaller numbers of adult fish.   



Regular Fish delivery is scheduled for  Saturday, October 12, at the USDA Service Center. Grass carp need to be ordered by Thursday, September 26, 2019   and all other fish need to be ordered by Friday, October 4, 2019   You will receive a letter close to the pick-up date with a time for pick-up. Please call the office 309-671-7040 Ext. 3 if you have any questions.





1. Remember only the 8-10" Catfish need water.  For every 100 ordered please bring 35 gallons of pond water.


 Pond water is the best for hauling fish.  Well water is acceptable, but does not contain much oxygen.  DO NOT bring city water. The chlorine in city water will kill your fish!  Collect water on delivery day to ensure sufficient amounts of oxygen.


2. For all other fish a container large enough for the bag(s) is necessary, but no water.


3.  Go directly to your pond and put your fish in.  Bagged fish should be kept out of sunlight on your trip  home.   


4.  There is a delivery charge for any qualifying order if you'd like them delivered to your pond. Call for details.


Fish Sale Order Form